Ye Chu asked her, "sister, have you been here?" "Any one of us who rushes in now will be able to kill him and get his treasure and treasure!" Xiao Feng explains a word, Cang Jing Xun nods. Therefore, Chen Haoran thinks that it is almost impossible to meet him with his current cultivation. However, the token can only be used to record the identity of the wolf in the secret place. "But whether to fight or not. We have to decide whether to fight or not. We have to wait for Yan&#39 "Damn it, it's just a monster. I don't know if I dare to come here and be arrogant." The students just hesitated for a moment and then killed them one after another. I'm afraid his heart of seeking Tao will collapse because of this. He just wants to waste the ot "Brother Hao, according to the regulations, we have to report on the economic development of our adm Looking at the whole south palace, there are only a few buildings that can stand. There are flames a "That is, what is the ghost sword childe? At best, it can be compared with the current of Leng Haoti "Brother Feng, don't you believe in the law?" All forces think the same, through Gaoyang's relatives to build up relations with Gaoyang. It turns out that Yang Jian is a fake drunk. The former temperament of edinling, where will let him suffer. Only 30% extra experience value has been added to the group pair state, but I have 50% more experien Lonely Baitian also can't help but worry about the reminder, quickly hide away.

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