Manlong frowned: "this is a broken gambling house. It's afraid of being pressed by people. It&#3 What if this ancient mountain is really suppressed? Seeing the black shadow's behavior, ye Chu and others are on guard, ready to fight against the s Jiang Xiong's eyes are gloomy at these families, which are directly related to the selfish faces There was a trace of pretty red on his face, and Qin Zhinian changed his question: "sister, would yo As long as he shows his tail, he can always find a way to deal with it. "Ah, the second level of the quenching formula of this.." In this way, after another six days' journey, I finally came out of the dense jungle. In front o Su Yexin a loose, a wooden box to catch, and then open the lid. The dark creature lifted its arm and was about to move. "Most people will not adapt to it when they just breathe out of the liquid, just like him," said the Seeing tianmingzi's sword cut, Lin Ming didn't dodge it. Seeing the light of tianmingzi' Yang Yun didn't know what it was like, but he still agreed to say it. After listening to Mo Zhitao's words, he couldn't help changing his face, "Mo Zhitao, have y This completely overturned their usual views on Lu Jing. Just now, he sent the black hole to another world, which was obviously achieved by virtue of this co Seeing that there was nothing left behind after the girl disappeared, she did not look back and cont Li Han is full of doubts about this point, and asks Dudu. The little guy doesn't know. He only s

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