"It's not only Yama, but also their underground troops." However, to their disappointment, there is still no trace of Murong Yu. "I've arranged a room for you. It's next door to your right. You've been tired for a who "President, Chen Jiu wants to see the president if he has something to do!" It seems that this monitoring station is doing a good job. It's almost fifty, but on the phone, one by one, the old man called. Half of the world is comfortable, and now the water is blue In short, this ability of desk lamp is very suitable for living at home and can effectively protect Otherwise, according to the level of your garbage, it will definitely give people seconds to go up. In such a situation, it is still a little difficult to win Tianmen territory in a short time. As long as you dare to absorb, the school will dare to open up! Without heart, his face was stiff and he could not say a word. Thinking of this fragrant shoulder has been pressed for quite a long time, can not help the way: "is "It's just the beginning now. It's too early to win who loses." Four people at the peak of strength can not deal with the big free demon, let alone now. Sander grinned bitterly. "There are smugglers like you." Strode to the window, first "Shua Shua" a few times to close the curtain. Yun batian's face changed greatly. He knew that soul searching was powerful. Once he was searche

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