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After thinking about this, Zhu qianlv made a decision and said with a smile: "Si Daoyou is too sensi These 100 swords represent Ye Chong's spirit and spirit, and are the embodiment of his invincibl Down these two people, many merchants all feel that out of a bad breath, but still gathered around t The commander-in-chief heard this and nodded. Then he went to the sofa and sat down. He said to Hu H When I went into the projection hall and had a look, I saw rows and rows of fungus empty people sitt Now it happens to have such an opportunity. Anyway, Mo Zhitao orders him. If something goes wrong, h Kasimodo's heavy fist and walnut's Tomahawk also fell on him. He just said he would be there soon and hung up. "What a powerful physical strength, indeed, is much stronger than Zhao Tianqi's physical strengt But most of the time, the memory in mind is unforgettable until death. Shannie turned her head and saw a few black smoke like things coming out of the ground, but in the m A cry of surprise, like the rolling thunder, rose, and a more terrifying atmosphere filled the air, "Zhongsi, can you still get used to it in Lintao army?" Li Han made the coffee and brought it to the people. Yu Luosheng tried to cancel the backward swing action of the skill by using the skill. It can be com Gradually, the great changes in the vicissitudes of life, slowly ended, the earth gradually calm. On this day, many flag owners found him, and the Fenghua banner leader introduced the operation of t Xu Hui suddenly fell into meditation and murmured.

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